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CarboFuel Energy

Carbofuel provides a rapidly absorbable isotonic formulation with a scientifically proven carbohydrate formula for rapid energy delivery. High electrolyte concentrations replace those lost during exercise and reduce the risk of hyponatraemia and exercise associated cramping. Ideal for short duration, high intensity exercise in hot & dry conditions and during the final hours of endurance racing when the body is under maximal physical stress. • Scientifically proven multiple transportable carbohydrates • Maximise energy delivery and reduce gastro-intestinal discomfort • Subtle taste, low sweetness. ideal for hot and dry conditions • High electrolyte concentrations replace sweat losses & prolong glucose absorption • Reduce the risk of hyponatraemia & exercise associated cramping • Isotonic formula


More Sustained Energy Delivery and Hydration. Improved Recovery and Performance Marathon is a drink for endurance racing, stage racing and periods of high training loads. A foundation of multiple transportable carbohydrate and whey protein offers maximal carbohydrate oxidation rates to sustain performance while also providing protein to prevent muscle catabolism and improve performance in multi-day events and during hard training periods. Balanced electrolyte replacement and isotonic formulation complete the picture Ideal for longer training sessions, events over 2 hours in duration and stage racing • Scientifically proven multiple transportable carbohydrates for sustained energy delivery • Improve exercise performance & increase exercise oxidative capacity • Protein and taurine reduce exercise related muscle damage & improve performance


Help Prevent Excessive Muscle Damage, Fatigue and Exercise Related Immune Suppression High intensity or resistance training can result in greater muscle tissue damage, requiring a higher concentration of protein to halt catabolism and accelerate muscle regeneration. Revive provides the ideal formulation to prevent excessive muscle damage, fatigue and immune suppression. Ideal product for use after racing, prolonged training sessions or resistance training • Promote muscle recovery & hypertrophy • Oxidise fats during subsequent exercise • Reduce oxidative stress and tissue damage • Maximise recovery & improve immune function • Stimulate muscle anabolism & improve endurance performance

Classic Energy Gel

Classic Energy Gel is a scientifically optimised formula for rapid energy delivery. A combination of matodextrose and fructose, it offers as scientifically validated formulation for maximum energy delivery. Additional sodium and potassium replace lost electrolytes, prevent hyponatraemia and may prevent cramping. Caffeine and taurine improve mental alertness, boost exercise performance and reduce muscle damage. Ideal for all training sessions and racing, in conjunction with Cadence Nutrition CarboFuel or Marathon drinks and CarboFuel Energy Bar • Scientifically proven formulation containing multiple transportable carbohydrate • Reduce the risk of hyponatraemia & prolong glucose absorption • Improve exercise performance & increase exercise oxidative capacity • Caffeine improves sprint, time trial and endurance performance as well as enhancing recovery rate

CarboFuel Energy Bar

CarboFuel Energy Bar is a great tasting, easily chewable energy bar for endurance training and racing. The scientifically proven formulation contains multiple transportable carbohydrates for maximum energy delivery. Improves exercise endurance performance & increase exercise oxidative capacity. It is also free from artificial flavourants, colourants and preservatives. • Multiple transportable carbohydrates to improve carbohydrate oxidation rates • Improves exercise performance • Maxamise gastric emptying rate • Great tasting • Gluten free

Balanced Energy Bar

The Balanced Energy Bar is a great tasting, easily chewable energy bar for endurance training or as a snack.