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CarboFuel Energy

Carbofuel Citrus provides a rapidly absorbable isotonic formulation with a scientifically proven carbohydrate formula for rapid energy delivery. High electrolyte concentrations replace those lost during exercise and reduce the risk of hyponatraemia and exercise associated cramping.


Marathon is a energy drink for endurance racing, stage racing and periods of high training loads. A foundation of multiple transportable carbohydrate and whey protein offers maximal carbohydrate oxidation rates to sustain performance.


Ideal product for use after racing, prolonged training sessions or resistance training. Help Prevent Excessive Muscle Damage, Fatigue and Exercise Related Immune Suppression.

CarboFuel Energy Bar

CarboFuel Energy Bar is a great tasting, easily chewable energy bar for endurance training and racing. The scientifically proven formulation contains multiple transportable carbohydrates for maximum energy delivery. Improves exercise endurance performance & increase exercise oxidative capacity.